Keywords : Time Series

Incidents of Malaria in India using ARIMA Models

Sukanya K.; Suneetha T.; Sukeerthi T.; Vani A.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICIES 9S, Pages 120-133
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2020.172

In India, the best embody of malaria occurred within the year 1950’s with associate calculable 75 million cases and 0.8 million deaths per Annum (World Health Organization, country office for India). The model was used for the forecasting of the year wise incidence of Malaria whereas Auto regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models was used for forecasting for the years 2020 and 2022 in Republic of India (Bharat) our study provides that of the ARIMA model was designated as best suited model to predict the longer term incidents of malaria cases within the fourth approaching period in India.