Keywords : Solar flat plate collector

Improving the Efficiency of Solar Flat Plate Collector Using Phase Change Material and Nanofluids

Chandru Deva Kannan P.; Nadaraj P.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICSTM 12S, Pages 121-129

In the present work, investigations are made to study performance characteristics of solar flat plate collector with PCM and nanofluids. Flat plate collector is one of the important solar energy-trappingdevice that uses as air of water as working fluid. In this project, we designed and fabricated the flat plate collector for the commercial application. It  is  capable  of  using  both  the  diffuse and the  direct  beam  solar  radiation .For  residential  and  commercial  use ,  flat  plate collectors  can  produce heat at  sufficiently  high  temperatures  to  pre  heating  water  for boiler  and  to  heat  swimming  pools domestic  hot  water ,  and  buildings , they  also can  operate  a  cooling  unit ,  particularly  if  the  incident  sunlight  is  increased  by  the use  of  reflector .  Temperatures upto 45 oCare easily attained by flat plate collectors. We are going to test the performance of the flat plate collector with outlet temperature of water without using PCM and using PCM (Zn (NO3)2.6H2O) and Nano fluid (Al2O3).By obtaining the values and compare the rate of heat transfer.