Keywords : Hypertension calculation

An Efficient Digital Blood Pressure Meter with GSM Module from Real-Time Application

Arunthathi P; Deepadharshini K; Viji pandi

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue 4, Pages 67-71
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.116

One of the measures from one's health is someone's heart wellbeing. Pulse rate monitoring could be used to determine heart conditions in contrast with using an ECG machine. That customer's high blood pressure requires regular heart rate management. In some circumstances, victims' health could be checked directly at such a medical facility. Digital vital signs monitor apps which can submit information in real-time are considered necessary for all of this. This article discusses the development of even a user interface that can instantly transmit blood pressure readings to the physician and health specialist via Short Messaging (SMS). That validity of a test then was shown by verification for detector data measured or SMS data output (systolic and diastolic). That processing period and pause among sending or receiving was 46.27 seconds for just a specific measurement based on the overall system test.