Keywords : Quick Ratio

A Study on Liquidity Position of stationery products Industries

Rimithashree T; Vijayalakshmi S

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue Special Issue 6S, Pages 64-66
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.167

Financial performance analysis is a process of identifying the financial strength and weakness of the firm by properly establishing the relationship between the items of balance sheet and profit and loss account. This study aims to identify the financial strength and weakness of Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.; thus, it covers a period of five years from 2015-2016 to 2019-2020. However, a Solvency ratio is a performance metric that helps to examine a company’s financial health. On the other hand, a low ratio exposes potential financial hurdles in the future.