Keywords : Damping factor

Analysis of Damping and Wear Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide reinforced AA6061 Composites

Naveen Kumar M.; Suresh N.; NandhaKumar M.; Mohan Prasath R.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue Special Issue 6S, Pages 138-143
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.179

In this research, vibration damping property and dry sliding wear resistance of tungsten carbide reinforced aluminium AA6061 composites were investigated. The fabrications of test specimen were carried out using stir casting method. Three samples were taken for study with percentage of reinforcements as 0%, 4% and 8% of tungsten carbide by volume fraction. The samples are cut and machined to cylindrical pin as per ASTM standard for pin-on-disc wear analysis. Another set of samples with rectangular cross section is used as beam for experimental modal analysis using Impact hammer test to study the damping factor and natural frequency. Based on the test results, it was found that there is minimum wear resistance in reinforced alloy when compared to unreinforced alloy and also reinforced alloy had improved coefficient of friction. From the impact hammer test, the result shows that reinforced alloy had high natural frequency and improved damping factor when compared with unreinforced alloy. The hard ceramic tungsten carbide particulate improves the resistance to wear as well as improved the damping behaviour. This research can be helpful in many industrial application, heavy machineries, automotive applications This material can be developed to use as machine base, chassis where wear resistance and vibration damping needs to predominantly monitored.