Issue 9

Structural Health Monitoring: Plastic Material Assessment of Important Structures

Mahendra Meghwal; Ms. Nivedika; Ramana P.V.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue 9, Pages 185-191
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.236

Digital image processing (DIP) uses the principle of photogrammetry and is also used to track features and associate their positions with a predefined coordinate system. Measurements are made by comparing a series of images taken at regular intervals. It can be used for many tests, including compression, tension, torsion, bending, and various combined loads for static and dynamic applications. A series of quasi-static tensile tests on plastic samples with four surface-mounted fiber optic probes showed that these probes had excellent linear strain behaviour over the entire range of applied loads. A free vibration test was also performed to evaluate the dynamics based on the cantilever configuration. The sensor response results show an excellent agreement with traditional sensors.  This project deals with the comparison between maximum stress generated in building and bridge structures using  MATLAB®  software The comparison of the behaviour of various types of cubes such as- Plain Concrete beam (28 days), 5% Plastic waste as replacement of sand (28 days), 10% Plastic waste as replacement of sand (28 days),  12.5% Plastic waste as replacement of sand (28 days) and 15% Plastic waste as replacement of sand (28 days) The results found using different methods were comparable.

Mathematical Models Evaluation for High Rise Structure thru Reconditioned Substances Strong suit parameters

Ramkesh Prajapat; Prateek Papriwal; Ramana P.V.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue 9, Pages 192-201
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.237

From the beginning of its construction to the present, concrete has played a huge role in architecture. The mechanical properties of concrete, such as compressive strength, elastic modulus, and different tensile strength (flexural strength, inherent tensile strength, and tensile strength per unit), are important aspects when calculating and determining the size of concrete structures. Compressive strength and tensile strength are important parameters to measure the quality of concrete structures. The design criteria of concrete structures depend on the compressive strength of concrete in most cases. It is not designed for direct loading. Tensile strength should be considered because it has a significant effect on stress cracking. In addition, the tensile strength of concrete needs to be determined.

Improving Teacher Creativity and Innovation Through The Supervision of The Principal

Betty A.S Pakpahan; Sandy Ariawan; Dorlan Naibaho; Tianggur Medi Napitupulu; Herbin Simanjuntak; P.J.H Manalu

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue 9, Pages 202-209
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.238

Every principal of course wants his school to have good quality, at least in his area. This quality will have an impact on the extent to which the community will give its trust to an educational institution to educate their children. This article found that the supervision of learning conducted by the principal and assisted by the deputy headmaster in develop a work program, make observations, conducting guidance and coaching, supervise, evaluation, create reports, and follow up could improve the quality of teacher’s creativity and innovation. This research was conducted using qualitative approach or naturalistic inquiry that emphasizes the naturalness of data sources, this is intended to describe the implementation of supervision in an effort to increase the creativity and innovation of teachers. Further, it was found that This is where the creativity of the supervisors' cold hands is needed to provide assistance to those who have difficulties, so that the quality of learning is better and improved and along with the development of the times and technology problems will appear in various forms.