Special Issue ICAET 11S

Biosynthesis of Manganese oxide nanoparticle using Murraya Koenigii

Jeeva Rani Thangam G.; Jebaraj Devadasan J.; Jessie Jancy Rani S.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 1-7

The rise of nanotechnology has brought to the world a new potential and the use of different nanomaterials has revolutionized both the industrial and biomedical worlds with the broader perspective of what humanity can achieve through material manipulation at the nanoscale.  Nanoscale particles possess distinct characteristics which  advances in exploring and exploiting the uses of nanostructured materials.   Due to the high surface to volume ratio and high reactivity there is a great potential for metal and metaloxide nanostructures. Synthesis of nanoparticles by physical and chemical methods are costly and toxic to the environment. Use of biosynthesis provides advancement over physical and chemical methods and may lead to the development of clean, non-toxic and environmental acceptable procedures which involves organisms ranging from bacteria to fungi and also plants.  Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles is an expanding area of research  and in the current study, Murraya koenigii i.e., Curry leaf powder was used for the green method  by which  manganese oxide nanoparticle synthesis was developed. Murraya Koenigii which belongs to Rutaceae family has  found to be potent antioxidant due to high concentrations of carbazoles, a water soluble heterocyclic compound  and also responsible for the reduction  of metal ions.   The present study focus on the development manganese oxide nanoparticles from the leaf extract of murraya koenigii where potassium permanganate act as  precursor. Crystal phase identification of manganese oxide  nanoparticles was studied by X-ray diffraction analysis and  optical characterisation was carried out using Uv-Vis spectrophotometer.

Worldwide energy consumption of hyperscale data centers: A Survey

Aasheesh Raizada; Kishan Pal Singh; Mohammad Sajid

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 8-15

At present, in the whole world from developed countries to third-world, digitization has taken place in society and economy with great intensity and also being adapted by a common person as his/her normal daily routine. Due to this huge amount of data is being processed and stored in data centers. Based on earlier studies, it has been observed that, Due to the overload of data & traffic, data centers are consuming more energy than any other setup. Energy consumption of hyperscale & mid level data centers increasing continuously from the very beginning of their setup. As the demand of energy is growing, so the need of production and expense on energy is also growing in energy demand in future (at-least one decade). In this paper one of the topics specially related to the improvement of energy efficiency through IT software has been taken. And a method has to be established whereby all the data centers with different geographical locations can have fewer loads on power sources and they can take advantage of low cost energy and hence will be able to operate even less.

International Marketing in the Modern Era

Ahmad A . I . Shajrawi; Nawab Ali Khan

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 16-19

This paper aimed to explain and define the term of International Marketing and How the firms can have an access to new markets in the world. Also, it focuses on how the marketers create a new strategy to gain new customers at both the local and global levels, and to promote their new products and services. International Marketing is characterized as less costing and using technology( i.e. the social media apps and the internet websites)in promoting the products and services. Several international companies including Amazon company have been ubiquitous all over the world through its website. In 2017, its profit went all the way up to $3.03 billion, which means it has penetrated the global markets and achieved its objectives.

Physiological Analysis of Dairy Effluent

Pooja Dahiya; Roopsi Kaushik; Anil Sindhu

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 20-29

The paper is a review based of the study done on the  dairy effluents in Rohtak Dairy “Vita Milk Plant”. It talks about the industrialization  that serves as the backone of the country, The effluent treatment plant is used for the reduction or control of pollutants. This process is operable under the 4 treatment levels which are stated as Preliminary, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary/ Advanced treatment of the wastewater which contains various steps for their completion. In the introduction part the presentation of work is given which remarks about the dairy industry and the effluent production. In the literature review portion, a review of the work performed by earlier researchers on dairy waste and characteristics of dairy waste is included. The materials and methods portion constitutes the materials required for the analysis. The methodology used for the analysis of different characteristics of dairy waste is also covered up with conclusion and references

Water, Power and Gas Saving System Using With Microcontroller

Perumal S.

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 30-35

Managing water consumption is vital for life preservation. Knowing water and power consumption at homes can have a great impact water saving. This project presents an innovative home security control system, based on controlling door with power and water resource while increasing the added values for security applications. When we in front of the door the IR sensor sense the position and lock the door using key, automatically signal send to the microcontroller. It acts as a brain of the system. After receiving signal switch ON the relay circuit, OFF the power supply, shut off water line using solenoid valve. This would make the security process more efficient and convenient for house owners.

K-Means Clustering on the Performance Evaluation of Faculty using Data Mining Techniques

Preeti Jain; Umesh kumar Pandey

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2020, Volume 2, Issue Special Issue ICAET 11S, Pages 36-41

The motivation behind this paper is to give an outline of broadly utilized measurements, to examine the qualities, advantages and disadvantages of different measurements, to portray current instructive information mining rehearses, and to give rules to assessing execution models of staff. has been discovered to be reliant on various boundaries extensively going from the person's capabilities, experience, level of commitment, research exercises attempted to institutional help, monetary achievability, top administration's help and so on The models that are basic for assessing the yield of workforce range across various verticals, however the paper locations and covers the introduction of staff dependent on contribution from understudies. The other personnel introduction assessor is the regulatory element that might be a private body or an administration unit, the affiliation or the college's self-and friend resources. The boundaries fill in as standard markers for an individual and a gathering and may influence the end later on. The standard proposed in this paper is to utilize Data Mining strategies to lead pulling out and investigation of workforce results. The fundamental idea driving the utilization of Data Drawing is to group the yield of workforce on various measures subject to novel requirements and furthermore to separate the conditions between the boundaries that will assist with finding important relations between them. Basically, these binds help to arrange new dynamic patterns. The paper limits contribution from the Department of Computer Applications through qualified foundations to understudies. The examination depends on numerous highlights, and as opposed to following the ordinary methodology, the paper legitimizes the utilization of mining approaches. K-implies is a sort of non-various leveled (gathered) information grouping that endeavors’, contingent upon the methods (mm) that have been pre-masterminded, to segment information into at least two classes. The k-implies technique is utilized in numerous investigations since it is quick and fit for consolidating a lot of information with an exceptionally short computation. The k-implies calculation is the easiest and most often utilized bunching strategy. This is on the grounds that K-implies can possibly aggregate huge volumes of information with sensibly brisk and powerful preparing time.