Issue 09

Introducing Fuzzy Logic for Software Reliability Admeasurement

Vishnupriya S; Nirsandh Ganesan; Ms. Piriyanga; Kiruthiga Devi

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2022, Volume 4, Issue 09, Pages 222-226
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2022.056

Software reliability estimation using fuzzy logic is shown in this article. The suggested approach tries to assign target dependability to each of its parts. The initial stage in estimating reliability is to combine the aspects of the experts in this proposed method. The system’s element of proportionality is evaluated in the second phase. Employing the equations of defuzzification, the system ele- ments undergo the process of defuzzification. We must compute the weightage of subset of the framework (i.e. module) when we have obtained precise data. The subset’s reliability is estimated, at the root of its weightage. By testing the most often used functions first and less frequently used functions second, the portrait of operational status is determined, which is one of the most impor- tant criteria for ensuring successful testing and increased reliability (Ebeling). Efficiency has improved in comparison to the prior results obtained. It aids in the assignment of reliability to every subsets prior to the frame working of real system. This even takes Operation status into account as element of propor- tionality, which assists in providing reliability to the subsets frequently used, designing a framework for reliability admeasurements, advantageous for all the subsets present.

An user friendly Scheme of Numerical Representation for Music Chords

GANESAN M; Mahesh G; Baskar N

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2022, Volume 4, Issue 09, Pages 227-236
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2022.057

The standard western music notation for the major and minor chords is avail- able in the world. But the understanding of major and minor chords is very difficult for learning peoples particularly children’s. It is very complicated to memory of all major and minor chords and also roots of all chords. This inven- tion is easily understand by children and easily captured in standard piano and other instruments. The new method of conveying chords by numerical tech- niques is used in this invention. The octave notes are derived in to two different heads of major and minor chords by numerical method. There are two main equations are implemented and it is very easy to understanding of all major and minor chords.