An Efficient Multilayer Approach for Securing E-Healthcare Data in Cloud using Crypto – Stego Technique


  • Ms. Nagamany Abirami Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry, India Author
  • Dr. M. S. Anbarasi Professor, Department of Information Technology, Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry, India Author



AES, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, E-Healthcare Data, Steganography


Healthcare data has been moving to cloud platforms in recent years, which has 
increased accessibility and scalability but also raised security issues. Ensuring 
data integrity and safeguarding private health information from unwanted access 
are critical. This paper presents a comprehensive strategy to integrate effective 
Elliptic Curve Cryptography ECC-AES with steganography techniques to improve 
the security of healthcare data in the cloud. ECC-AES is especially well-suited for 
cloud situations with limited resources since it provides strong security with 
reduced key sizes. Confidentiality is guaranteed by encrypting healthcare data 
using ECC- AES before storage, reducing the possibility of data breaches. 
Steganography techniques are also integrated to improve security against skilled 
adversaries by adding an extra degree of obfuscation by concealing encrypted data 
inside innocuous files or images. Strict key management procedures, access 
control systems, and frequent security audits are important components of the 
proposed system that ensure adherence to Health Insurance Portability and 
Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
compliance requirements pertaining to healthcare data protection. The proposed 
system provides the multilayer security on healthcare data in cloud environment 
than other existing systems.