Keywords : SQL server

Crime Records Management System

Narmada C; Sangeetha K; Mr. Apiekshav; Deepak K; Gokul Krishnanu

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, 2021, Volume 3, Issue Special Issue ICARD-2021 3S, Pages 72-74
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.067

The proposed framework applies to all Police stations the nation over and explicitly investigates the subject of Crime Records Management. It is surely known that Crime Prevention, Detection and Conviction of crooks rely upon a profoundly responsive spine of Information Management. The proficiency of the police work and the adequacy with which it handles wrongdoing rely upon what nature of data it can get from its current records and how quick it can approach it. It is proposed to incorporate Information Management in Crime for the reasons for quick and productive sharing of basic data across all Police Stations across the region. At first, the framework will be executed across Cities and Towns and later on, be interlinked with the goal that a Police criminal investigator can get to data across all records in the state accordingly helping quick and effective finish to cases. The System would likewise be utilized to produce data for favorable to dynamic and preventive measures for battling wrongdoing. The venture has been intended to have the perspective on disseminated engineering, with concentrated capacity of the data set. The application for the capacity of the information has been arranged. Utilizing the develops of SQL worker and all the UIs have been planned utilizing the DOT Net technologies. The norms of security and information defensive component have been given a major decision for legitimate use. The application deals with various modules and their related reports, which are created according to the relevant methodologies and norms that are put sent by the regulatory staff.