Articles in Press

Influence of nano silica particles on quasistatic mechanical and low velocity impact properties of Carbon-glass-Sunn hemp/epoxy in intra-inter ply hybrid composites

Bharathi M; Senthil Kumaran S; Edwin Samson P

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, In Press
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.3753.1017

Increasing fuel prices and emission norms have favoured the automobile manufactures the use of lightweight materials. Land fill regulations imposed by many environmental governing agencies encourage the use of products which will decompose easily or which will require lesser energy for recycling. In this scenario, an effort has been made to build natural fibre hybrid composites combining natural and synthetic fibres to solve the problems of environmental impact and energy wasted on recycling in this study. In this work the flexural, compression, interlaminar shear stress and low velocity impact properties of composites reinforced with plies containing carbon fibres in the weft direction and E-glass fibres in the warp direction, parallel oriented sunn hemp mats and 40 µ SiO2 particles are investigated for possible application in automobiles. It is observed that the reinforcement of the composite with 40 µ SiO2 particles enhances the flexural, compression, interlaminar shear strength and low velocity impact properties of the composite.

Hybrid Modulation for Reduced Switches AC-AC Multi Frequency Converter

Anukriti Sharma; Navdeep Singh

International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hub, In Press
DOI: 10.47392/irjash.2021.3884.1020

This paper presents the Hybrid Modulation Technique for single phase AC-AC multi-Frequency converter to overcome the local square wave overshoot in output waveform which are responsible for harmonics content in converter and to get better smooth voltage waveform. And also, by using SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) and TPWM (Trapezoidal Pulse Width Modulation) a comparative analysis is done; it shows the how converters behave with different modulation technique. The detail study of converter and modulation techniques are done here with including operation, block diagram and mathematical calculations. All the studies and experimental operation are performed by using MATLAB Simulink model simulation and the switch is used for converter is MOSFET