Assistant Editor
Dr.J.Shanthini_|_5 Dr.J.Shanthini
SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formally SRM university)
Specific Field of Study: Distributed Computing, Bigdata Analytics, IOT
Home Page:
Email Address: shanthinisampath[at]
Executive Manager
Pravin T_|_ Pravin T
Executive manager
Specific Field of Study: International MoU, Type setting.
Email Address: pravinmech01[at]
Production Manager
Portrait Saravana Kumar S
Production Manager (Sr), RSP Science Hub, Coimbatore
Specific Field of Study: Publication & Branding
Email Address: royalmechsaravanan[at]
Karthi. A_|_ Karthi. A
Production Manager (Gr. II), RSP Science hub, Coimbatore
Specific Field of Study: Automotive Engineering
Email Address: karthianbu91[at]